For over a decade, EOS Remediation is the leading provider of on-site bioremediation products that reorganize and enhance groundwater quality by converting pollutants into non-toxic end products.
EOS offers a complete range of remediation products, including:


  •  Substrates of emulsified vegetable oils - EOS® (emulsified oil substrates) that treat any contamination by chlorinated solvents, perchlorates, energy materials as well as immobilization of toxic metals. All emulsified vegetable oils are certified as BioPreferred by USDA
  • Colloidal Buffers - The only proven effective colloidal buffers that provide safe and long-lasting pH adjustment to enhance biological activity and immobilization of metals
  • Electron Acceptor Products - Used in aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation of non-chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum products and related compounds
  • Bioaugmentation Cultures - Provide Enriched Microorganism Cultures to Optimize and Increase Biological Activity for the Treatment of Chlorinated Solvents



All EOS Remediation products are

  • PROVEN – Independently validated technologies, by government agencies and Fortune 50 Companies
  • SUSTAINABLE (GREEN) - Natural low-impact technologies for your project site
  • LEADING THE INDUSTRY - We set the standard by producing the first emulsified vegetable oil (EVO) product proven to effectively treat contaminated sites
  • BACKED BY KNOWLEDGEABLE PRODUCT SUPPORT TEAM Providing hands on support to Project Managers from concept to completion 



Contaminants which can be treated with EOS® Products:

  • Chlorinated Solvents: PCE, TCE, DC, VC, TCA, CT, etc.
  • Energetic materials: Perchlorate (ClO4-), RDX, TNT, etc
  • Nitrate (NO 3)
  •  Oxidized heavy metals
  • Radionuclides (TcO4-, U O 2 +2



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