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MicroCat®- BioPOP

Ideal for use in grease traps, biological treatment tanks, pumping stations and drainage lines that suffer from frequent accumulation of FOG and releases of bad odors. MicroCat®- BioPOP are developed for easy installation and removal using a rope, line or chain. MicroCat®- BioPOP's are available in different sizes according to system dimensions and have a service life of 1 to 3 months depending on the flow rate, temperature and size of BioPOP.

MicroCat®-BioPOP dissolves slowly when immersed in water, releasing bacteria that consume fats and oils on a continuous basis producing as byproducts of this process carbon dioxide and water.






MicroCat®- ARCS

Automatic replacement cartridge dispensing system. It works with battery and provides a high concentration aqueous-  FOG degradation bacteria suspension for use in commercial kitchen drains, fast food kitchens, etc.

Ensures free flow through drains and eliminates bad odors.








MicroCat®- DNTRF

Concentrated powder with microorganisms for industrial applications.

Suitable for maintaining free flow to drains and grease traps in large commercial kitchens and food industries.